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Introducing the South Bank

Posted: 25 February 2014 in Guides
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I’ve written my first Wikivoyage intro section for London’s South Bank:

The South Bank is the tip of a peninsula of the Thames in central London and one the the city’s cultural centres. It is a small area but it contains many artistic and creative sites, as well as an eclectic range of other attractions, boutique shopping and trendy food and drink places. The size of the district, as well as the pedestrianised area along the bank of the River Thames called “Queen’s Walk” (part of the Thames Path), make is ideal for exploring by simply strolling around.

Which may not be brilliant but I think it’s an improvement on the previous intro:

South Bank is a district of central London.

It isn’t much but writing this is a different experience for me.  It doesn’t come up often on Wikisource and any leads I write on Wikipedia are much more formal (and I often just write a sentence or two for each item in the Table of Contents and call it a day).  Writing something vaguely enticing is new.  I also did an almost complete rewrite of the “Understand” section about the area.

I’ve been working on South Bank (in a departure from my usual South Kensington & Chelsea work) geocoding the existing listings because it’s a simple task that I can do in a spare moment.  I haven’t been able to scrape together enough time to do many larger tasks lately so these microtasks are a way to still get something done.