More boundaries

Posted: 26 January 2014 in Guides
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I may have jumped the gun on the mapmask but I think the boundary idea is sound. I can always incorporate the masks in the future when they’re ready.

Some district boundaries are easier to decipher than others. The little ones like Soho, Leicester Square and Covent Garden are clearly defined by roads, so they’re simple to understand and easy to trace from Open Street Map.

Hammersmith and Fulham appears to be the borough of the same name for the most part, except there is a chunk carved out around Olympia and something odd happening in the north.  I think railways and canals are involved as nothing else seems to explain the northern deviancy.  It was easy until this section turned it into the hardest I’ve tried to set up so far.  Holborn-Clerkenwell is also an odd shape but at least seems to follow some sort of logic, albeit skipping between different borders and roads more-or-less at random.  It was harder than its western neighbours but relatively straightforward once the logic of it had clicked.

I’ve already noticed some errors I’ve made in placing listings between districts, so I am convinced that doing this has value.  It should be especially useful for casual users: adding a listing to Wikivoyage is probably the easiest microtask in all of the Wikimedia sorority but, if I’m having this problem even after trying to decipher the district map, then I expect it to be worse for others who have just turned up at a page for the first time.


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