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Posted: 22 January 2014 in Guides
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I’ve found Cope to be the most confusing of the standard guide headings.  Most of the others are fairly intuitive… usually.  Buy could be subtitled “List shops here”, Sleep could be “List hotels here”, and so on and so forth.  Cope might as well be “Dump anything else here”.

The “Where you can stick it” page lists Cope’s contents as:

“Babysitting services, childcare, church/mosque/synagogue/house of worship (religious services), clinic, dentist, diplomatic missions (consulate or embassy), fitness center, gym, hospital, laundry/laundromat, library (unless it has good Internet facilities, then it can be placed under Connect), magazine, newspaper, pharmacy, police station, religious services, restrooms, toilets”

Meanwhile Article templates gives slightly contradictory information:

“This section is for common non-emergency services that the traveller might need: haircuts, babysitting, pet care, libraries, consulates, religious services, etc.”

At the moment I’ve put in some general supermarkets and emergency services (an urgent care centre and a police station).  The other suggestions remain a problem.

I have absolutely no idea what babysitting services exist in South Kensington and Chelsea, for instance.  There are a few thing I have found that match the list above but I’m not sure how useful it would be to, for example, list every individual public toilet, complete with geo-coordinates.  These things seem like a job for Google.

Looking at star guides for pointers doesn’t necessarily help.  Very few guides seem to bother having a Cope section at all.  The contents are so generic that I can’t imagine it was for lack of potential listings, so maybe it just isn’t seen as important.

I’d like to get each district in London as complete as possible but it might not be worth coping at all.

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