Too many dots on the map?

Posted: 3 November 2013 in Guides
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Map of part of a city with lots of coloured dots

The South Kensington-Chelsea dynamic map in its current state.

I chose South Kensington-Chelsea as the destination article to work on first (that would be The One with the Museums to non-Londoners). It was already a developed guide, albeit only rated as “Usable” status which in Wikipedian terms is somewhere between start class and (maybe) B class.

After adding latitudes and longitudes to all of the existing listings (which was moderately tedious, although getting easier), adding some new listings and adding a version of the dynamic map I found on the guide to The City, I’m worried there may actually be too much stuff there now.

The slippy, dynamic map is covered in overlapping coloured dots.  This could seem a little busy.  I think it looks OK on the larger map but at this level of zoom the sea of points of interest might be overwhelming.

The sections themselves are mostly at or exceeding the recommended 7±2. Hopefully sub-bullets don’t count towards that limit. I have already split up “See” a few times but it might need yet another subsection.  Possibly for street furniture.  I still want to add a few points, like an old postbox.

Luckily there doesn’t seem to be that much to do in the destination.  Conversely, there are a lot of places to sleep and certainly a lot more that could be added, although the current selection is probably sufficient for now.  The guide doesn’t even have a “Cope” section yet and “Connect” could be expanded.  This risks a wall of coloured dots instead of a functional map.


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